Our Team

Amy John, Owner/Operations

Amy has been a member of the gym since 2012 and been working out with Al ever since. Prior to owning Training House, Amy was the Executive Director for the Baltimore Educational Scholarship Trust, an educational non-profit that supports underserved African American students in the Baltimore community. In 2011, Amy became a Weinberg Fellow in Non-Profit Leadership. In 2017, she started her own educational consulting firm, Amy John Advisory, that did project-based consulting for area independent schools and non-profits. A lifelong Baltimore resident, Amy’s passion is working with area non-profits to support their missions and helping elevate the lives of children in Baltimore.

Andy John, Owner

Andy has been a member of the gym since 2012 and in 2018 acquired Training House with his wife, Amy, and son, Michael. He was an accomplished wrestler and flag football player in the early days and is a lifelong lacrosse player/coach/fan. He played lacrosse at Denison University and continued to play until he turned 50. You can find him regularly working out at Training House or meeting up for an early morning walk with his daughter Katy and her dog Lulu. His full-time job is with Calvert Street Capital Partners, a local private equity and mezzanine investment firm.

Alfonso Balducci, Director of Programming

Al has worked with Training House for 15 plus years and has been in the training business for most of his life. He has worked with adults of all fitness levels and ages, both individually and in small group settings. He has also worked extensively with high school and college athletes. Al has trained several players for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and was a strength coach for the Calvert Hall Varsity Lacrosse Team from 2007-2014. In his current role as Director of Programming, Al is responsible for programming the Board and overseeing all classes. He is also a strength coach for the Loyola University Maryland Men’s Lacrosse Team and was part of the coaching staff during the year Loyola won the NCAA Division 1 Championship (2012). His certifications include ACE and ISSA.

A Long Island native, Al is a huge New York sports fan (Giants, Yankees, and Rangers). His mom also makes a mean spaghetti.

David Manning, Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)

David is a professional lacrosse player for the Philadelphia Barrage and also holds a Master of Science in exercise physiology with a concentration on nutrition and exercise. A Loyola Maryland alum, he played on the 2012 National Championship team and was a captain during Loyola’s 2016 Final Four appearance. David will be rejoining the Loyola Men’s Lacrosse team as the head strength and conditioning coach through Training House.

David has worked as a sports performance coach for Professional, College, High School, and Middle school teams and athletes. He has also been very involved coaching in the lacrosse community, most recently acting as the Director of Lacrosse for Cambridge High School in GA and prior to that as a two year assistant coach at Bridgewater College. The son of a nutritionist, David has always been fascinated by the importance of proper nutrition and training to optimize performance on the field. Along with strength and conditioning, David will be a sports nutrition resource for our athletes and teams affiliated with Training House. David also owns and operates Pure Performance Lab LLC, a sports performance resource for athletes and coaches. Outside of the gym, David enjoys coaching and playing lacrosse (obviously!), playing fetch with his dog Scar, reading the latest sports science research, and cooking.

Cameron Setzer, Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)

Cameron has been in the health and fitness industry for about 5 years. He is experienced in a wide variety of athletics, including a career in college lacrosse. Cameron has a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and a Master’s degree in Exercise Science. His certifications include Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the NSCA and CrossFit level 1, focusing on high intensity functional conditioning. Cameron has worked as a strength and conditioning coach at the high school level in Baltimore County as well as working with athletes rehabbing injuries at a sports medicine facility. He is also a vital part of the Loyola Men’s Lacrosse Strength & Conditioning team in season and offseason. Outside of the gym Cameron enjoys doing just about anything outdoors or anything competitive!

Sally Moore, Personal Trainer

Coach Sally was a longtime Training House client before becoming a certified trainer and joining the coaching team. She works with clients of every fitness level, including those who are new to exercise or are returning to an active lifestyle after an injury or time away from the gym. She promotes strength training and exercise as a means to reach personal goals and to increase and preserve her clients’ ability to perform daily activities. Sally is also a jewelry designer who leads a very active lifestyle which includes running, hiking, and working in the yard. She has honed her coaching skills by supervising her husband, Rick, and their four children.

Kidar Twine, Personal Trainer

Kidar Twine is an NASM Certified Personal Trainer with a specialty in Corrective Exercise. He approaches training with the understanding that your goal should always be to improve on what you’ve achieved yesterday. Your only competition is yourself! Many people who embark on a lifestyle change to improve their health are often distracted by the model in the magazine, the person on social media, or the most fit person in their health facility. However, the most successful people that meet their fitness goals are the ones that begin to understand themselves and what it takes for them as an individual to remain committed to the lifestyle change that they are pursuing.

As a fitness professional with a commitment to delivering engaging education and training programs that support the development and enhancement of physical conditioning, Kidar Twine will ensure that your goals are fulfilled by producing an exercise regimen specific your individual needs. Kidars specialties include personal training, kids fitness training, corrective exercise, fighting obesity (fat loss), and strength training, among other things.

Sam Udell, Personal Trainer

Coach Sam is not only a professional wrestler, but he is also a certified personal trainer and group class instructor at Training House! Sam is a lifelong athlete, youth wrestling coach, and bagel enthusiast. Sam is a tremendous motivator and has a background training youth athletes and anyone who wants to be better than they were yesterday!

Kenya Butler, Personal Trainer

Kenya is an ISSA and Precision nutrition certified trainer. He developed a passion for health and fitness after losing 180+ lbs and now wants to help others reach their fitness goals. He specializes in strength and hypertrophy training. His interest away from the gym include hiking , composing music and playing a variety of sports.

Angelo Levon, Boxing Coach

Angelo was introduced to Training House during a boxing session with Coach Al. From there, he accepted a position as a front desk teammate and has been interning under Al’s guidance for almost a year. Angelo has been training in combative sports since he was 3 years old, starting with Taekwondo. Since then he has practiced BBJ, Boxing, Kick Boxing, and MMA. He quickly found MMA to be his passion and outlet for consistency and motivation in life. Angelo’s ultimate goal is to become a UFC fighter and take great care of his family.

Kelly Verbil, Member Relations

Kelly is a television host and professional wrestler, but she started her journey here in Baltimore at Training House as a front desk teammate. She can make a mean morning playlist and her passion for fitness has lead her to pursue a certification in nutrition (coming soon!). Kelly can be found around the gym to answer any questions you may have about memberships, payment, or general anecdotes about her cats. Trust us, it’s like she never leaves.

Sam Brettschneider, Media Coordinator

Sam joined the Training House team as our in house Media Coordinator and photographer in order to capture our brand through athletes and members. Sam created content and advises trainers and athletes on how to grow their own brands as well! Originally from Bel Air, MD, Sam is currently finishing a degree from Stevenson University and he also works as a professional sports photographer. Fun fact: Formula 1 is Sam’s favorite sport.

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