Red Boards are programmed as high-intensity interval training (HIIT). These workouts are time-based and designed to get your heart rate up with short rest periods for maximum calorie burn. Red boards are excellent for improving endurance focused performance training and are designed to increase your cardio strength and boost your metabolism. Red Board workouts should take around 45 minutes to complete.


Dynamic Warmup: 1 Round

A.) High Knee Grab
B.) Russian Squat
C.) Heel Walks w/ Scoops
D.) Quad Grab w/ Heel Raise

} 1x

Tabata Sets  (20 sec. on 10 sec off) 

A.) Power Jacks
B.) Forward Backward Steps
C.) Dynaball Shuffle Slams
D.) Mt. Climbers x 20

} 6x

Circuit One:

A) Heavy Sled Push
B) Box Jumps 12 inch or 20 inch

} 4x

Strength Supersets:

A1.) Reverse Lunge x 20
A2.) Rope Waves x 30 sec

B1.) MB Russian Twist x 30
B2.) Cord Rows x 20

C1.) Robots x 10
C2.) High Plank Hold x 30 sec

} 3x

Circuit Two: 

A.) Assault Bike (8 cal)
B.) Walking DB Curls x 50
C.) Sandbag Over The Shoulder Toss x 5/5

} 2x