Green Board workouts are designed to provide the perfect combination of resistance training and high paced cardiovascular exercise in order to challenge your body’s fitness training capacity. If you are looking to maximize your workout efficiency or to enhance your athletic performance, these workouts are for you. Green boards should take 60 –75 minutes total.

1 Rope Waves w/ low box in-out running x 30 sec
TRX Figure 4 Squats x 10/10
} 3x
2 DBall Burpee w/ low Squat Toss x 12
Bicycle Crunches x 50
} 3x
3 Bike Sprints 45-30-15 seconds
Inverted Bar Pull-ups x20
} 3x
4 1 DB Single Leg RDL x 12/12
10 D-Ball Shuffle Slam x 20
} 3x
5 Split Lunge (foot on pad) w/ curl x 12/12
Dips x 20
} 3x
6 Falls Rd. Run
Sit-up D-Ball Toss x 30
} 1x