Custom Programming

The Perfect Workout for You

You know your body and your goals best. Our coaches know the best workouts to help you reach those goals. Receive expert instruction from our team of coaches to develop a regimented game plan based on how you want to train: 

  • Custom Workout Programs: Let a coach develop a specific workout program or series of unique workouts that you can do on your own pace and if you have a question, a trainer will be on the floor to assist you!
  • Personal Training: 30- or 60-minute sessions of private one-on-one instruction with our certified coaches 
  • Small Group Training: Share a 30- or 60-minute session with one of our coaches and enjoy the camaraderie of a private small group workout

Curious what would be the best option for you or want to meet with one of our certified coaches on your fitness goals?

Custom Workout Programming

Customized workouts designed by our expert coaches
Available as single programs or purchased as a package
Workouts you can do on your own time and schedule

Program Design Package Options


Personal Training

One-one-on private instruction with a certified coach
30- or 60-minute training session
Expert instruction on every exercise and every set


Small Group Training

Perfect for groups of 5+ people to work out together
Private instruction with a certified coach
Camaraderie and motivation of a small group environment


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