Want to challenge yourself and compete against others?

Introducing our brand new competition of the month, free to try for all members!

The current contest will run through August 31 with the following rules:

  • Must have an active gym membership with Training House
  • Running time. Clock starts at the beginning of the first exercise and stops after the final exercise is completed
  • 4 divisions: Male/Female 18-39 yrs old; Male/Female 40+ yrs old
  • Maximum of two attempts per person

Official entries must be overseen and timed by one of our coaches. To sign up, please speak to one of our staff at the front desk.

This month’s best male and female times in each division win their choice of a FREE hat or t-shirt!

The August Competition:

1 Run 0.25 miles (incline 2) } 1x
2 Row 500 meters } 1x
3 Bike 25 calories } 1x

Best females:


Denise Kitchel  6:45
Rebecca Colley 7:32
Karen Van Arsdale 7:42

Best males: __


Michael John 4:50
Tom Dame 5:19
Michael Chaplick 5:23