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  1. Why Your Past Fitness Plans FAILED

    At some point in our lives, almost all of us have fallen short of a goal we set for ourselves. Disappointment, embarrassment, and even a sense of shame can creep in and prevent us from trying again. At Training House in Baltimore, we hear stories like this all the time from our clients who are final…Read More

  2. Getting Your Athletic Groove Back

    If you are someone who used to be more active, used to have a better physique, and used to feel better about yourself and you’d like to again, then today’s blog from The Training House in Baltimore is just for you. At The Training House, we are a group of personal trainers, physical therapists, …Read More

  3. 5 More Benefits Of Using a Personal Trainer (Part 2)

    In last week’s blog, we explored five benefits of using a personal trainer including goal setting and achievement, learning about exercise science, and having fun. This week, Training House in Baltimore is focusing on five more benefits that a personal trainer can give you in regards to performanc…Read More

  4. The Benefits Of Having a Personal Trainer Part 1

    Many people are looking for the best way to improve their fitness, and different things work for different people. For some, group fitness classes provide the support and experience that gets them to the gym every week while for others it may be the rush of working with dedicated bodybuilders at a s…Read More

  5. 5 Benefits of Being Lean

    Not everyone who is looking to get more fit has an interest in showing off their six-pack abs or stunning the Instagram world with shockingly lean, muscle defined photos. But for those who are willing to put in the work, hone their mental focus, and seek the help of a personal athletic training prof…Read More

  6. Training House: Your Partner On The Path To Greatness

    Athletics seem to center more and more in our collective viewfinder in today’s America. As a society, we have always enjoyed and celebrated the achievements of physical speed, strength, and agility that professional sports provide. And even though most of us don’t want to suddenly start chasing …Read More

  7. The Top 5 Reasons to Use a Personal Athletic Trainer

    From losing weight to shaping a body you feel more confident about to training for an endurance race, Americans have plenty of reasons to get to the gym and get a work out in. But with over 55 million American paying for memberships, some surprising statistics show that many Americans don’t get as…Read More