Training House is an athletic training center that has been serving the Baltimore, Maryland areas for almost 20 years. Our facility offers top-notch personal training for college and professional athletes, amateurs, and anyone looking to live a healthy, active life. Additionally, we offer comprehensive physical therapy services to help you come back from and prevent injuries.  In our blog, we will examine the importance of utilizing a quality athletic training center in your fitness routines and provide tips, guidance, and answers to commonly asked questions about our facility and services. Read on or call us today to learn more.

  1. Diet vs. Exercise: Which is More Important?

    When it comes to getting in better shape and increasing your fitness, there are multiple facets of your routine or program that need to be considered. Should I find a dedicated athletic training center to work out at or can I do it from home? Do I need the help and coaching of a certified personal t…Read More