Blue Boards are custom fitness workouts designed to build foundational strength while also incorporating loaded and explosive movements. These programs are great for those looking to build a strong fitness foundation by mastering the 5 foundational movements (push, pull, squat, hinge, brace). Blue workouts train every muscle group to build strength and endurance to improve your fitness performance. Not only do these workouts focus on getting you to feel stronger, but also help by building proper technique. The blue board if a perfect starting point for new members and athletes. These workouts should take about 60 minutes to complete.


Dynamic Warmup:

A.) Hip Flexor x 30 sec each
B.) Lying Piriformis x 30 sec each
C.) 1/2 Kneeling Hamstring x 30 sec each
D.) Quad Pull w/ Arm Raise x 10

} 1x

Circuit Training:

A.) Bird Dog x 10/10
B.) Banded Rows x  30 sec.
C.) TRX Split Squat x 10/10
D.) MB Wood Choppers x 10/10

} 3x
3 Leg Bridges on Bosu x 20
1 DB Goblet Squat x 10
} 3x
4 Single Leg Step Up w/ DB Curl x 10/10
Tricep Cord Pushdowns x 30 sec.
} 3x
5 Single Arm DB Row x 10/10
2 DB Push Press x 10/10
} 3x
6 Single Arm DB Bench Press x 10/10
Dynaball Hip Toss x 10/10
} 3x
7 High Plank Hold x 45 sec.
Running Man Sit Ups x 45 sec.
} 3x