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Training House was created with you in mind

Started in 2000, Training House began as a grassroots athletic gym in Baltimore with the goal of providing a workout space for individual clients and student-athletes to train at their optimal level. Originally a place where like-minded individuals could come to train, a tight-knit community committed to the core values of health and wellness grew, inspiring each other to push themselves to the best of their abilities. In 2012, we partnered with the Loyola University’s Men’s Lacrosse Team for their strength and conditioning program and they went on to win the NCAA Division I National Championship that year.  Word spread and membership grew as Training House was the facility that would provide you with the tools and training techniques to help you improve performance or achieve your potential. 

The year 2014 was a major milestone as the gym doubled in size, turf was laid, more equipment was added, and physical therapy was included in a strategic partnership with Dave Bender. While our gym has evolved from its origins almost 20 years ago, our commitment to each client’s unique goals has not wavered.

Whether you are an elite athlete training for a sport, preparing for an event, or simply looking to maintain a healthy life style, Training House can provide you with the most effective tools to achieve the results you want.

Culture and Mission

At Training House, we focus on creating an environment of fitness for all, with each individual’s goals as our number one priority.  We want people to feel welcomed, valued and inspired in their fitness journey.

We believe that every client can achieve greatness with the right coaches, equipment, and community in place and our highly-experienced staff and state-of-the-art facilities are designed to do just that.

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