Online pre-registration required. Limited spaces available.
Starting Monday 6/22/20, Training House will be offering indoor AND outdoor stations for all HIIT and Black Board Classes. Each class will have stations 1-5 outside and each participant will get to choose if they would like to rotate inside for stations 6-10 or remain outside for stations 6-10.


Our top priority is maintaining the safest fitness environment for our community which is why we are allowing members to choose if they would like to remain outside for classes, or try our new indoor stations!


Email [email protected] with any questions!
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Training House is built on the philosophy that anyone can train like an athlete. We cultivate a mindset that a true athlete is someone who believes in training with a purpose and has the mental drive to be better than you were the day before. We believe in maximizing training efficiency and working smarter to perform better. We believe in hard work, rest and recovery, and the drive to perform at your best.We believe in the power of consistency and that being part of a TEAM is always better than standing solo. As a performance facility, these beliefs form the foundation of our mission to maximize the strength and performance from all our athletes.


Board Training is a series of daily workouts designed by our certified trainers. Come in anytime, choose your level of intensity, and train at your own pace. Start with the basics; build a foundation of strength, graduate to high intensity interval training or test your cardiovascular conditioning. This unique, effective training method puts you in control of your own fitness journey. 


Group Training is a fun way to get fit, surrounded and encouraged by like-minded people, in an energetic team atmosphere. Our group classes are designed by certified coaches to build strength and increase endurance, providing a constant challenge and plenty of motivation. Join our community and dig deeper, push harder, and strive together to reach your goals faster. Bring your friends, or join a group and make new ones. 


Achieving optimal fitness is as much mental as it is physical. That’s why our elite trainers are just as interested in building your knowledge as they are in building your physical fitness. Personal Training is focused on instruction, motivation, and guidance to help you achieve your personal best, inside and out. One-on-one attention ensures proper form and provides the support and encouragement you need to reach the next level. Personal Training at Training House is really all about you. 


Training House is about serious athletic development. But you don’t have to be a pro to train here. When you walk through the door you’re an athlete to us. We work with you to analyze your goals, and then our certified trainers develop a personalized program to help you reach them quickly and safely. It’s a unique workout that’s created just for you. Now you’re training like an athlete. 


Our team of Performance Physical Therapists specialize in injury recovery, optimizing your movement, and maximizing your performance. We perform a full biomechanical evaluation to determine your specific movement patterns and muscle imbalances. Once we discover what is causing pain or dysfunction and limiting your performance, we work with you to develop an individualized, evidence-driven rehab plan designed to maximize your function.


Our mission is to support athletes of all ages and abilities in their journey of physical and mental strength. Our strength and conditioning team is equipped to develop sport-specific training programs custom to your performance goals. We have worked with a variety of elite athletes ranging from the special forces, professional athletes, and collegiate teams including the Loyola Men’s Lacrosse Team (2012 National Champions). 

In my best shape ever at 48

Love this place... I thought I knew my body but it wasn’t until this place push me to places that I never thought I could reach and because of them, I am very grateful...Thanks for your absolute time and dedication. This is my other family!

-- Joseph B.

Nothing in Baltimore that Compares

" Having grown up in Baltimore, I have tried so many gyms hoping that one of them could give me everything I needed during the offseason. TH is not a traditional gym. Their workouts are created so that the focus is always on me and not what I can do on a machine."

-- Darius Jennings, Professional Football Player

Motivation to Keep Improving

"The workouts provide a unique balance of strength building, conditioning, speed improvement, and flexibility which compliments the overall goal of the functional training sessions."

- Joe Fletcher, Professional Lacrosse Player

(2015 Defensive player of the year
Team USA Member (2018 World Champions)

Found My Fitness Family

"The support the staff shows to each and every client is truly unmatched. Training House has felt more like an extension of my home and family rather than just a gym."

-- Ryan Tucker, Professional Lacrosse Player

Be a Part of Something Bigger Than Yourself

"They have a true sense of community at this gym, which is something you can feel every time you come back in"

-- Jake Matthai, Former UNC Lacrosse Captain

(2016 National Champions)

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